About Us

About Age Concern Kapiti

Age Concern Kapiti is a Not- For- Profit, Incorporated Society and registered Charitable Trust founded in 1990. We are one of 35 Age Concerns around the country and Age Concern New Zealand is our national body.

Our vision

A community that respects, values, supports and empowers older people in Kapiti.

Our mission

To be a hub of trusted information, support and advocacy to enable older people in Kapiti to have real choices and to stay connected.

Our services

  • AgeConnect Kapiti project
  • Accredited Visiting Service (AVS)
  • Advocacy/Advice/Information
  • Healthy Ageing Together (HAT) monthly meetings
  • Steady As You Go (SAYGO) Falls Prevention Classes
  • Staying Safe Driving classes
  • Life Without a Car classes
  • Advance Care Planning sessions



About AgeConnect Kapiti

AgeConnect Kapiti is an Age Concern Kapiti project. The purpose is to increase social connections for older people/koroua or kuia in Kapiti. We know that social isolation and loneliness are worldwide problems which can have detrimental effects on an individual’s physical and mental health. A Ministry of Social Development briefing paper to the incoming Minister for Seniors in 2017 stated “Social isolation is a key factor for elder abuse and other poor outcomes such as depression and anxiety, alcoholism and dementia and worsening of chronic conditions.”

To establish the extent of social isolation and loneliness in Kapiti, we worked with Massey University to carry out a survey. The study found moderate to high levels of loneliness and that strong neighbourhoods ease loneliness.  To find out more: Massey 2019_social_connections_report

A Helen Clark Foundation report written by Holly Walker and published in June 2020, discusses the risks of loneliness in New Zealand following Covid-19 and how public policy can help.  To find out more: https://helenclark.foundation/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/alone-together-report-min.pdf

AgeConnect Kapiti is about encouraging older people to find opportunities and options that help them to stay connected and involved.  To do this, we are engaging with each Kapiti community and involving local businesses and neighbourhood support groups to help signpost where to find information such as this website. To find out more: https://ageconnectkapiti.co.nz/neighbourhood/