Over the next two years AgeConnect Kapiti will appoint Ambassadors to help raise awareness about the importance of social connections for older people and the programmes, activities and events available in their community.

Ambassadors will be volunteers who give a few hours of their time and live in one of the six Kapiti communities: Otaki, Waikanae Paraparaumu Beach, Paraparaumu Central, Raumati and Paekakariki.

The key to helping people stay connected and involved is to have information that unlocks the opportunities available in our communities.

We know that older people can live more vibrant and independent lives if they have access to relevant information and support. AgeConnect Community Connectors (ACCC) can help this to happen.

Sometimes we stumble across information that immediately sparks our interest and motivates us to find out more. This can be a casual conversation with people we regularly have contact with in our local community, shops, hairdressers, banks, pharmacies, medical centres and all the other places we visit often.

Over the next two years, AgeConnect Kapiti will be working to set up a network of Community Connectors in local places across Kapiti. These Community Conncectors will know how to guide older people to find the information they need.

First AgeConnect Kapiti Ambassador Appointed

Dermot Whelan, manager Age Concern Kapiti and Helen Keivom, AgeConnect Kapiti Ambassador for Paekakariki
Dermot Whelan, manager Age Concern Kapiti and Helen Keivom, AgeConnect Kapiti Ambassador for Paekakariki

Helen Keivom has been appointed as the first AgeConnect Kapiti Ambassador by Age Concern Kapiti.

Announcing Helen’s appointment, Tristine Tilly (AgeConnect Kapiti coordinator) says “We are looking to appoint Ambassadors in the six communities of Paekakariki, Raumati, Paraparaumu Beach, Paraparaumu Central, Waikanae and Otaki who will play an important role in our AgeConnect Kapiti project. The purpose of the initiative is to increase social connections for older people in Kapiti. Helen’s experience and knowledge as a long time community advocate, and her long association with Paekakariki where she lives, make her the ideal Ambassador for that area. We are so pleased that Helen will be working with us as our first AgeConnect Ambassador, representing Paekakariki.”

Helen Keivom is looking forward to her voluntary role. “I am delighted to be appointed an Ambassador for this fantastic Age Concrn Kapiti project. It is often said that it takes a village to raise a child and I would add that it also takes a village tp provide our elders with the very best care and attention and I believe this project will go along way towards that”she says.

The Ambassador’s role is voluntary and includes establishing good relationships and networks within the community they represent and providing informaitn about activities and events that can help older people to stay connected and involved. older people to stay connected and involved. They will also look for any barriers that prevent social connections. Helen will work closely with the Ageconnect Kpaiti coordinator and have regualr contact with other Ambassadors as they are appointed.