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“This year’s election occurred in the midst of a pandemic. Covid-19 will impact New Zealand and the rest of the world for several years to come influencing hugely government policy decisions. Age Concern New Zealand asks the government to be mindful of the rights and wellbeing of older people in making those decisions, while also balancing the needs of the whole population. Managing the pandemic has presented particular challenges for older people. They are more likely than others to have underlying conditions making some more vulnerable to the disease. Most deaths in New Zealand from Covid-19 have been people aged in their 60s and older. This has created anxiety and isolation for some older New Zealanders. We ask that government listens to the views and experiences of older people in making decisions that impact on them, including about Covid-19 messaging. New Zealanders have also just had their say on the End of Life Choice Referendum and the Cannabis Legislation and Control Referendum. Whatever the decisions made by voters, we ask that government ensure that older people are not coerced into making life choices because they do not want to be a burden.”

“Age Concern New Zealand looks forward to working with Government to achieve wellbeing, respect, rights, and dignity for older New Zealanders”

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Coalition Launches “Let’s End Loneliness” Website 

The ‘Let’s End Loneliness’ website has been launched as a resource for anyone experiencing or concerned about loneliness.

Age Concern New Zealand Chief Executive Stephanie Clare says the website is designed as a source of information which also links people to support services. “Everyone can feel loneliness at some time, but it can be addressed and solved, and together we can end loneliness for New Zealanders who feel isolated.”

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Telephone or Tech? Stay Connected with Older People

New research carried out by the Universities of Auckland, Swansea and Bangor looks at the influence of phone calls, texts, emails and video-calling on the loneliness and isolation experienced by some older people.

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‘Alone Together’

The risks of loneliness in Aotearoa New Zealand following Covid-19 and how public policy can help.

A research paper by Holly Walker, published by the Helen Clark Foundation June 2020