Neighbours Connect

Creating vibrant and happy communities must start at neighbourhood level but current lifestyles often mean people don’t know their neighbours. It’s well known that neighbourhoods come together and reach out to one another following a major crisis, so how can we bring the community spirit to life in our own neighbourhood?

It can be as simple as having a chat and getting to know one another over a coffee or cup of tea, sharing ideas, stories and finding out who is keen to help make your neighbourhood a great place to live. It only takes one person to initiate an informal gathering of neighbours to get things started.

The AgeConnect Kapiti Neighbourhood initiative aims to encourage neighbours to come together. We would love to hear about things that happen in your street to feature on this page.







Neighbourhood Support Newsletter, May 2020




Ferndale, Waikanae – BBQ February 2020

Waikanae’s Ferndale subdivision has grown very rapidly over the last two years, and now has a mix of ages ranging from the very mature to young families.  A great sense of community has developed with the active encouragement and participation of the ‘early settlers’.  This has been assisted by the fact that everyone is new to the area and keen to be a part of such a friendly, supportive and welcoming community.

To assist in fostering a community atmosphere, Ferndale Residents have formed an Association.  Each year the Ferndale Residents Association holds its annual barbecue in the Ferndale playground.  In February this year, approximately 30 residents and their families took the opportunity to enjoy the fine weather and to catch up with other members of the community. The playground provided a safe environment for children to have fun, play together and ride on their bikes and scooters. We all had a relaxed and enjoyable afternoon.

During the past two years we have planted a community orchard in our subdivision, with each family donating one or two trees, and providing ongoing care for them. At this year’s barbecue, wooden labels and engraving tools were available for those present to make labels for their trees. These were fun to make, but not without a few mistakes and re-makes.

The labels were attached to the trees the following week during another community get-together, this time to prune their trees.