June Te Maro- 10 years a visitor for Age Concern Kapiti

June, a lovely Maori lady, came into our office on 14th April 2009. She had seen our advertisment for volunteer visitors in the local paper. We’re so lucky she did because she has now been a wonderful Age Concern Kapiti visitor for 10 years (with a couple of short breaks along the way). In that time, June has become a great and trusted friend to 3 of our clients.

“I grew up being amongst the elderly”, syas June, “my kuia/ koroua ( Nanny’s and Granddad’s) and I always loved being in their surrounds to listen and learn from them and do for them, giving and receiving the aroha (love)”.

When June saw our advert 10 years ago, she was prompted to find out more about becoming an Accredited Visitor because, as she explains “I had just been walking through Coastlands Mall and I saw an elderly lady looking lonely. So I sat down with her and she told me she gets lonely and needs a friend. So I became her friend and I saw her regularly until she passed away”.

Orginally from Waikato, June has 30 grandkids and 4 great-grandkids. In the questionnaire she completed for us in 2009, she included among her interests and pastimes “cooking and feeding people, meeting people, caring for pre-schoolers, teaching and learning from them”.

A wonderful lady is June Te Maro. As I write this, she is probably making pikelets to take to our client- her friend Carol.